segway game hoverboard rider skaty girl

Hoverboard Rider Skaty Girl




segway game hoverboard rider skaty girl




The most exciting and challenging hoverboard game yet on the Google Play Store!

Extreme Segway is in your hands! Hoverboard Rider Skaty is the game for segway lovers, so welcome to the stunts arena with rider Skaty!
Jumps, tilt to the maximum and overcome obstacles with your hoverboard.
Maybe for ordinary people, this simulator will seem difficult because the hoverboard is a very complex device, which just can not cope.
Grab your hoverboard and speed your way through the ‘Hoverhood’ collecting points, dodging trics, jumping over the top and escaping the ferocious ghost Mortimer, who never gives up the chase!
Use the slopes to rise and draw incredible evolutions, But be careful: don’t angle your Hover board
upwards too much otherwise Skaty falls through the air!

This game is all about weaving through a dangerous arena while keeping your cool. Can you do it with dexterity and just the right amount of speed?
Can you complete all levels in this action game? Can you cross the winding ramps of the bad Mortimer? (to stop his loud laughter…)
This game is the example of the segway riding.

Play a part in spreading the wondrous joy. Ride a self-balancing, double-wheeled scooter to increase Skety’s efficiency
Segway hoverboard has realistic 2d game graphics with lots of ability to do stunts and animations.

1. Excellent simulation hoverboard on android
2. Realistic physics
3. Cool graphics
4. Cool sound
5. About 15 different levels with unique tasks

We may have seen many hoverboard riding people. Hoverboard,( is a fictional levitating board for personal transport) very flexible vehicle to travel in near places. its a awesome time, when we are going on drive with this device.This experience with more fun is here in this game.

By user experience of playing this game we have increased difficulty level wise.