Despicable animal GO

Despicable animal GO

Despicable Animal GO


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Scary animals to catch and collect in augmented reality on phone. Despicable Animal GO is a game in augmented reality simple and easy to use. As in the most famous Pocket animal GO, Despicable Animals GO through the radar and the smartphone’s camera is able to locate scary and animal on the planet. You cannot believe how many frightful, ghastly, horrendous, horrible, nasty, scary and terrific animal you can discover on the radar of your phone. Capture all the animals and collect them all.

How to play: Tip of the rear camera of your smartphone, find the sweet puppy in augmented reality and touches the ball to add it to the collection of Despicable Animals GO. If you press the Power key on the phone with the low volume button you can “snap” a fantastic screenshots and share with friends.

Despicable Animals GO is available in English, Spanish and russian language.